Ultimate Ferret Diet 4.4 lb

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Now with 45% protein.
Ultra-Blend Ultimate Ferret Crunchy Diet is the freshest, natural product available for your ferret. Ultimate Ferret Crunchy Diet is formulated with quality ingredients such as chicken, an excellent source of high quality amino acids important for optimum growth, development and maintenance. Ultimate Ferret Crunchy Diet utilizes chelated minerals which are minerals that have been bonded to amino acids for increased availability to the animal. Probiotics are added to aid in digestion by increasing the concentration of helpful bacteria. Natural preservatives, in the form of mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E compounds), Vitamin C, beta-Carotene and Rosemary, help preserve the fat to prevent oxidation. High quality ingredients and years of manufacturing expertise combine to produce foods that are very palatable. Their exclusive packaging system utilizes an oxygen-barrier bag with a unique one-way valve that allows you to squeeze out the excess air. This process also reduces the risk of oxidation, which can ruin the taste of the food. Click here for the ingredient list.

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