Natural Gold Hi-Protein Lo-Carb Ferret Diet 3 lb

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We all want to provide the absolute best for our pets and thanks to a revolutionary breakthrough it will be possible to offer ferrets a complete food unlike any other on the market today. This new complete food contains an abundance of nucleotides. Nucleotides are naturally-occurring substances, they are extremely safe to include in a feeding regime, and are nothing like antibiotics and other types of additives that may prove detrimental in the long run. Nucleotides can provide these benefits:

  • Increased resistance against bacterial and viral infections
  • Acceleration of antibody production
  • Increase in white blood cells called neutrophils
  • Increase in the number of macrophages (serves the purpose   of ingesting and destroying microbes, antigens and other   foreign substances)
  • Reversal of malnutrition and starvation-induced   immunosuppression
  • Increase of plasma HDL cholesterol (the “good” cholesterol)
  • Decrease in the concentration of LDL cholesterol (the “bad”   cholesterol)
  • Faster recovery of the liver after injury
  • Positive effects on the intestines
  • Intestinal repair after diarrhea
  • Positive effects of recovery from stress
  • Increase in fertility
  • Natural Gold has many other benefits dealing with   insulinomas, ECE-associated diarrhea, I.B.D and other   infectious diseases.
Natural Gold duplicates a carnivore’s feeding regime, especially tailored for ferrets, containing abundant nucleotides, proteases, other enzymes and probiotics that will provide a balanced, healthy daily food as well as providing the ferret with nutrients that should enhance the immune and digestive system and promote faster healing. Natural Gold is highly digestible and should decrease the odor of ferret waste matter. Natural Gold is exceptionally flavored to appeal to ferrets of all ages. 75% acceptance rate on first day, with almost 100% changeover rate within 3 days of feeding. Natural Gold contains 50% protein. 98% of the protein source is from poultry and pork- no grain products or grain proteins, which produce carbohydrates- this provides positive effects on the pancreas as carbohydrates are involved with insulin secretion- less than 10% carbohydrates! and 19% fat content. Natural Gold with abundant nucleotides will allow your pet to become the healthiest possible, and the correct percentages of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals will provide the nutritional support for the life of your ferret.

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Kitten on 9/22/2017
1 Stars
Worst customer service EVER!!!! No response, gave me the wrong shipping info, to top it off they sent me EXPIRED ferret food two to three weeks AFTER I ordered, So I just wasted my money. If you want to get this product I suggest shopping anywhere but Ferretdepot, apparently they don't care about their customers or their customer's pets.

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