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Is the newest and most advanced Carnivore Nutritional supplement ever developed for the health and care of our precious ferret companions. It combines all natural immunoglobulins while retaining the highest biological value proteins available to the animal health industry. These “Golden Egg” proteins blended with four additional super quality animal protein concentrates are proprietarily mixed with fourteen other genome stimulating nutrients to yield a one of a kind immune building, inflammatory treating and joint supporting Complete Nutritional supplement. Comes in 8 oz. container.
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Sarah P on 2/23/2017
5 Stars
This saved my ferret's life! My 6 year old ferret, Wednesday was getting very sick and losing a lot of weight. I changed her food, took her to the vet, and she still continued to loose weight. It didn't take long before she was a walking skeleton. I searched the internet and decided to buy Totally Ferret Complete Care. I gave it to her in a soup using her dry food, which I turned into a powder with a blender, and mixed a little in to the Totally Ferret Complete Care, along with water and the oil from a fish oil capsule. Within a week she was more spirited. Within a month she had gained most of her weight back, and I two months she was back to her old self! Wednesday is now 8 yrs old and doing fine. 8 is ancient for a ferret. I now give her Totally Ferret Complete Care as a treat/supplement once every week or two. I am so glad I bought TFCC, I'd I hadn't Wednesday would have wasted away to nothing. It really did save her life.

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